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A Life Well Lived

A life well lived

My father-in-law passed peacefully from this earth a few days ago. At 94, he had lived a full life. He beat the odds over and over again after cancer came calling when he was in his mid-seventies and continued to show up in different forms for the next fifteen or so years of his life.

Naval Chief Richard L. King never seemed worried about the failure of his flesh. Having grown up during the Great Depression in a family with eleven kids, he experienced sickness and suffering at a very early age. His thirty years of service in the Navy through World War II and the Korean conflict placed an indelible mark on his heart that only a soldier could understand. He was battle tested emotionally and physically.

But his successes as he battled the challenges of personal and military life paled in comparison to his victory over eternal death when he accepted Jesus as his commander-in-chief. Thanks to the discipleship effort of another sailor, his life would never be the same. His new commitment to his Lord became obvious to all who knew him and he rarely missed an opportunity to share what he believed. And his understanding of his heavenly resting place became apparent over and over again as he continually expressed his desire to “go home” the few weeks prior to his passing. What a blessing!

The family of Richard King doesn’t have to mourn him leaving this world because he was well prepared to meet Jesus. Those he left behind are celebrating his encounter with his Savior the way he wanted us to. But what about those who are a part of our everyday world who don’t know Jesus? Will we risk their eternal lives by not sharing our stories and those that Richard left with us? I pray that we won’t…that I won’t.

Richard L. King was a disciple maker. And as Christians, we are commanded to “Go and make disciples” as well. Sometimes we just need a little nudge or the right tool to help us out of our comfort zone and into the battle for souls. Fortify was created so that everyone with a desire to heed Christ’s call to make disciples might find the armor for the fight and the resources we need. You can learn more by visiting and you can get your tickets for Fortify 2018 while you’re there.


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