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Discipleship In Action

Discipleship in Action

Way too often, we try to label discipleship as a thing that we do in church or as a result of a church activity or experience. And when we leave it up to our churches to lead the discipleship charge, it gets lost in the shuffle of the “too busy” nature of church existence today.

There are bright spots, however, and our friends at The Crossing School of Business and Entrepreneurship remind us every day how they are making disciples the way Jesus intended.

Campus Administrator Courtney Bowlds tells it this way.

“The Crossing provides adult educators, possessing a kingdom mindset, the amazing opportunity to genuinely engage, educate, and evangelize struggling youth in our community. On a daily basis students are encouraged, challenged, loved on, laughed with, taught temporal and eternal truths, forgiven and asked for forgiveness, stretched to extend their worth ethic, and invited into real relationships with staff, one another, and the Triune God.

“We exist to empower struggling students to become contributing members of their communities through Academics, Job Training, and Faith-based Character Education.” Our days consist of students pursuing fully accredited high school diplomas through accessing online curriculum, students learning the soft skills necessary to become hireable valued coworkers or entrepreneurs, and discussions (both individual and group) about the mundane and lofty things of this human experience.

Our students come to us from diverse pains and fractures in this world. Many have lost hope in the idea that things could really improve. Some have swallowed the half-truth that they are unworthy and therefore worthless. (Full truth: Unworthy for sure but worth the Life of the Son of God!) They come hardened, emotionally withdrawn, browbeaten, discouraged, apathetic, or just plain aimless. By the Spirit of God establishing a peaceful, unified, kinder atmosphere, we can witness the slow thaw in their hearts that results in a springtime of smiles, successes, and redemptive stories. As staff, we are gifted with the call and challenge to see and call forth, in the lives of our teens, what has been missed by many…. the wonderful reflection of the God who made them! At the end of it all we are just some beggars showing other beggars where the bread is.”

Thanks Courtney and The Crossing for being an important part of the Fortify community!


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