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Donnie Foster
Minister and Author

Donnie lived his entire life Facedown.  His abusive childhood taught him to keep his head down to avoid the wrath of his violet stepfather.  He found solace in the prescription drugs he stole from his mother and the very same alcohol that made his stepfather belligerent.  As Donnie got older, he turned to more powerful drugs:  cocaine and meth.  He was soon wrapped up in the dangerous world of vicious drug lords, acting as their minion.  There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for them or his next hit.  It was not long before Donnie found himself at Corcoran State Penitentiary, lying facedown on the asphalt and reexamining his life.  God spoke to him then, and after years of running from the law and God, Donnie turned his life around to become a totally new creation through Christ, realizing that truly all things are possible with God.  Donnie gave his life to Christ’s mission and now has a passion for those who are living like he once did.

He has been married to his wife Kelly for 14 years.  He has five children.  His oldest son recently moved from Oregon to be with him and God is restoring their relationship.  He has a daughter in Idaho and three children in Fort Wayne.  Donnie and his family serve the homeless on the streets of Fort Wayne, Indiana and at the Rescue Mission.  Donnie and Kelly also go into prisons and minister to those incarcerated.  He assists in drug court by serving as a liaison.  He is now the director of a court-ordered rehabilitation facility in Fort Wayne called Renaissance House.  He serves as a leader, mentor and friend.  Being in a leadership role requires an attitude of humility.  In order for him to be at his best, he must first submit to God’s authority.  Then he must remain teachable, humble and kind.  He has a board of accountability to help him maintain this attitude.  His desire is to set an example for others that they too can choose a better life through Christ.

Donnie has a book out documenting his life story.  It is called “FaceDown:  The Donnie Foster Story.”

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