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Melissa Montana
CEO and President, STAR Educational Media Network

She loves life, she loves people, and she loves to share hope in a hopeless world.

Melissa Montana doesn’t need the title of CEO and President to find value. She knows her value is in the calling on her life, first to be a mom and then to serve others. She knows loss and abandonment but ultimately she knows the hope of Jesus that has been her strength all these years.

The journey has given her a story, but God has given her a voice. Melissa has been in Christian radio for more than 30 years with 28 of those in the Fort Wayne area. She led an executive team in the purchase of STAR 88.3 eight years ago in an unprecedented move in the industry. She became CEO and President of STAR Educational Media Network which became a network that now owns nine frequencies in the area. STAR has received numerous national and local awards and Melissa has been recognized nationally and locally throughout the years.

Her greatest joy in this life is being the mom of a 19-year-old daughter that she brought home from Guatemala as a baby. She has been a happily single mom throughout her daughter’s life and is excited about what God has for both of them in the future.

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