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Welcome to Fortify!

Two years ago we began to envision communities that were intentional in helping their people become better.  Even though “better” had a different meaning to each of us, we knew that it needed to become a priority for every individual, family, church, business and organization.

And so began a journey!  Our meetings always began and ended with the same prayer, “Lord, how can we be effective disciples in the space you’ve placed us in?  You’ve given us a story and have equipped us with different gifts…how can we use them for the Kingdom?  What can we use to strengthen our calling?” And as He always does, God provided the answers.

Better disciples first need to become healthy.  And while physical health is critical, we believe that we can’t really get better without a proper blend of financial, spiritual, and physical health.  And when these are in balance, organizations, businesses, churches, families, and individuals are changed forever. And it doesn’t matter where you live or what you do!  You’ll become more alive, more generous, more compassionate, and more effective when you are living the “fortified” life.

We’ve since teamed up with some amazing folks who are living their lives abundantly.  They didn’t always!  But their stories have incredible meaning.  And we have created Fortify 2017 where they can share their journeys with others. You’ll say “If they can, I can!”

And you’re right!  You can!  We’ve hand picked several great tools and live resources right here in our community that will help you to strengthen your calling.  Whether you’re short on financial strength, need a spiritual checkup, or crave a Sabbath experience, you can find it here!  And much, much more!

The Great Commission is waiting for all of us.  Fortify 2017 is a good place to begin.  And, if you hurry, you can get all of this for free thanks to the generosity of Thrivent Financial.

Be blessed!

The Fortify Team

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