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Fortify was born from a desire to see The Great Commission taking place in “real time.” We believe that Jesus commissioned each one of us to Go, Change, Make, Teach, Mentor, Direct, and Delegate in every aspect of our lives.

We feel that events like Fortify help to strengthen the calling of every believer to be Strong and Courageous, Joshua 1, in the home, the church, the workplace, and the community. We are convinced that when we show a person how to become physically better, financially stronger and spiritually deeper, real change happens in a community in real time.

Our team has discovered and linked together several powerful ministries that are necessary tools for the modern disciple. And they come with a unique touch…they are local! Real people with a real passion to help! Teachers, coaches, counselors, leaders, ministry partners…each hand-picked by our team to provide what a pastor, coach, leader, or average Joe needs to be successful in carrying out his/her calling.

As we approach our second Fortify event on February 27, 2018, our hope is that you will access the tools and resources you need to become better and to lead others to go deeper with Jesus through discipleship.

What happens next?  That’s not up to us. But when we lock arms together as a community of believers and allow God’s power to lead us…then our calling is strengthened and we become truly fortified.

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